Hyundai i30 TVC

Hyundai’s i30 ‘Amazing, day after day’ TVC. 

Behind the scenes: Jeff gaunt, Cinematographer/VFX Supervisor has just returned from climbing tall mountains and fording rivers in the jungles of Asia to shoot Hyundai’s i30 ‘Amazing, day after day’ TVC via Innocean Worldwide Sydney. He takes us behind the scenes on what he describes as a dream shoot.

Here was a great opportunity to get back to basics- shooting great cinematography in great locations around the world. This was an incredible project to work on with Brendan Williams (ACS) as director.

I became Brendan’s roving VFX supervisor and second unit D.O.P on ‘Amazing, day after day’. I had to pack light on this shoot. All I could take were my two trusty Canon 7D cameras and a brand new motion controlled slider from Dynamic Perception, as hiking up the sides of the Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines and chasing Bullet trains in Tokyo was all part of the brief.

Lucky fro me, so too was capturing the splendours of Dubai and Tasmania. It’s not often that you get to do all this, on your own. We were all in different parts of the world on this commercial. Brendan was in the Canada trying to keep his equipment warm in -40º below, while I was keeping out of the way of the snakes and wild monkeys in the forests of the Philippines.

As I said, these were dream locations. This shoot was really a tribute to what can be done on a consumer SLR. Shooting time lapse photography gave me the razor sharp 4K images necessary to build-in-all those additional subtle camera moves during post.

Essentially, every single frame I shot was print quality. It really was getting back to basics in terms of locations and the gear I was using, and of course, trying to find the right shot. I think the commercial says it all. This was an incredible shoot fill of amazing images, day after day.